Monday, March 26, 2012

REVIEW: Wide Open by Deborah Coates


Wide Open grew on me subtly. Hallie Michaels is a character that is very open but in a sense unknowable. Returning to South Dakota on a ten day leave  for the funeral of her sister Dell. Grieving for her sister  is a complicated situation since Dell's ghost is waiting for Hallie at the Airport.

Being home again stirs up a lot of emotions in Hallie, as she scratches at the facts of Dell's presumed suicide, she begins to suspect that her sister was murdered. It was interesting watching Hallie reconnect with the town she left for the service. Deborah has realistic character's and the paranormal elements are handled deftly.

I couldn't really connect with Hallie much in the beginning of the book. Not as much as the residents of her town.
She grew on me a little as the novel unfolded but I felt there was much of her I couldn't understand. I found her dedication to finding out what happened to her sister admirable.

The mystery aspect did keep me engaged and the big reveal was a surprise. There are engaging narratives and unique characters that make this an enjoyable read but the pace was a little slow . I did enjoy Hallie's strength and commitment to her family, I just wasn't completely sucked in to her story.                                                  


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Lilly @ (LillysBookIsland) said...

GREAT REVIEW ,,, I will make sure to check it up :)