Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Romance : Her Christmas Earl by Anna Campbell








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This is a sexy little romance about a young woman trying to save her younger sisters virtue, even if it puts her virtue at risk. Philippa Sanders sneaks in Earl Erskine’s bedroom to steal back a compromising letter her younger sister sent to him. Philippa has been watching the sexy rake for several days mastering his schedule.


Fate however has different plans. Erskine returns to his room unexpectedly, to find Philippa in his dressing closet and decides to tease her a bit. Teasing turns to passion as the pair discover they are locked in the room and give into their attraction as they wait out the long night until Erskine’s valet returns.

However it’s not his valet that discovers them but her mother! Now a forced marriage is on the horizon unless a scheming sister has her way. I loved the romance in this story. The characters were very well written and the shortness of the story did not effect the romance or my connection to the characters. A nice little romance for the holidays.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Romance: A Bride for the Season by Jennifer Delamer





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I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.


Lucinda & Emily Cardington couldn't be more different. Lucinda is counting the days until she comes into her inheritance and can live a quiet life as a chaperoned spinster. Emily however is enjoying the social season and day dreaming about her future husband. Both the girls plans are threatened when Emily finds herself in a scandal with James Simpson, one of London’s most scandalous bachelors.

Emily’s Father agrees to James’s, post scandal  marriage proposal to her under one condition, James must find a husband for Lucinda as well. Thus begins an entertaining and romantic journey for James and Lucinda as he realizes that he wants no man for Lucinda but himself.

This was a unique premise that took some getting used to in the beginning since James and Emily had been sharing stolen kisses for quite some time. I loved Lucinda’s love of books and practical personality. Emily was quite annoying in the beginning of the book but I soon enjoyed her story as well.

A sweet Historical romance with just the right touch of humor and passion.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Share 43: Holiday Musts, Magazine Round Up, Reading Life




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Happy Sunday!! It’s December 14th, so close to Christmas! because I don’t go home for Christmas so my prep is pretty stress free. I do however buy goodies for myself! Here are some of my Holiday Must Have’s :



Candy Cane Pens & Puzzle Books


I always get my pens at Walgreens  and i found the Frozen word find book at Dollar Tree




See’s Candy

When I first moved to California everyone told me See’s candy was a must have! They were right. See’s is an amazing shop and the give free samples! Around the holidays See’s are a great gift for yourself and others. This year I’ve fallen in love with the Eggnog truffle, pictured below.



526dkchfoilballs 813eggnogtruf



Yankee Candle is a great way to keep holiday smells in your home. I love the Mistletoe Car Jar’s and all the holiday themed Candles.



Magazine Round Up


Womens Health has had some amazing articles over the last few months Including ones about productivity and making ugly Christmas sweaters cute!

Yoga Journal has some inspiring articles about using yoga to overcome life's hardships and also great giveaways.

Self magazine has a great Detox program you can sign up for free


Real Simple has a great list of stocking stuffers, recipes for Holiday Drinks and tips to make Hot Chocolate even yummier!


Reading Life


I’ve gotten a large amount of reading done this month but I’ve been a bit stuck this week

Goodreads Stats

I’ve read 307 books this year!

My TBR Physical book pile is down to 35 Books

My Review Books are down to 8


My E-books are under 50! I’m hoping to get all these numbers lower before the end of the year!


How was your week? Share