Monday, April 13, 2015

Road To Celebration: Add The Podcast Stage to Your Celebration Schedule






It’s just a few days to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! I’m feverishly searching the Web to find out about all the events going on and their are some really tough choices to be made. As a Con Veteran I know that the best course of action is to have many back up plans and to also build your day around one event.


About six months ago I discovered the world of podcasting and it is a treasure trove for Star Wars fans. The center of my daily schedule is built around  different podcasts for various reasons:



Star Wars fans are special. Wear your favorite her universe hoodie or carry one of your many Star Wars wallets or purses and your sure to get comments. I love finding fellow fans “out in the wild”. From my dentist office to the supermarket I can always count on a smile or a friendly nod from fellow fans.

I’ve been a solitary Star Wars fan for most of my life. I have one close friend who is a fellow Star Wars fan (and she is attending Celebration with me!!!), but day to day their was a lack of Star Wars geeking in my life. No more! I love the discussions, interviews and speculation that podcasters engage in with their listeners.  I’m so excited to meet them and let them know how much their podcasts have enhanced my fandom.


Special Guests

As I’ve been listening to the various podcasters prep for their stage shows it’s exciting to hear about the Authors, Actors, and Artists associated with the saga that will be appearing on their stages.


Buttons & Swag

Apparently buttons are quite the thing at Star Wars Celebrations. Its been a blast seeing all the buttons that people have developed and I’m excited to get a few. Skywalking Through Neverland’s prize list is growing daily! From Funko Pops to Legoland passes .


My Podcast Schedule


Coffee With Kenobi


With special guest John “Dak” Morton


Skywalking Through Neverland


Tons of Games and prizes & a live stream of the panel on Meekrat

Star Wars Bookworms


With special guest Drew Karpyshyn, Del Rey Editor Erich Schoeneweiss and free book giveaways.


Fangirls Going Rogue


I’m so excited to meet these lovely ladies and do a #FangirlFlail !

I will also be visiting these podcast teams at their booths:

Rebel Force Radio


I really love all the shows on this network especially Star Wars Oxygen: The Music of Star Wars



thFC  I really love this podcast. They have great discussions and I’ve really enjoyed their interviews with the artists of Star Wars Celebration.


Just a few more days and the Force will be strong with all of us in Anaheim!

Tor Books Round Up: Mini-Reviews of Recent Reads




Tor has sent me some wonderful books recently:





A new Scalzi. Nuff said! Just kidding. This was a thrilling read by a Science Fiction master. Scalzi chronicles the effect a virus that keeps victims conscious , yet unable to move their extremities. That premise alone could fill a novel but Scalzi takes us a giant leap forward, showing us the long term effects of the condition on society. Loved this!




The Rebel Angeles series has thrilled me since the first book was released. Icefall is the culmination of various plot threads and a satisfying ending to the series. A great blend of Fantasy and adventure. Now that all the volumes of the series are out treat yourself to a binge read!





This book was a bit of a struggle for me. I found the description of the Monrovia community our protagonist Allison lives in very realistic but the magical elements didn't flow very well for me. I’m not usually a fan of contemporary reads so that may be one of the reasons I didn’t really connect with the story. Not for me but it might be enjoyable for fans of books like Practical Magic.


Hope I’ve peaked your interest in one or more of these books. Happy Reading!

Review: A Killer Retreat by Tracey Weber







Goodreads Link


This was my second book by Tracy and it is also the second book in The Downward Dog Mystery series. In this volume Kate and her boyfriend Michael take their first trip together, to a resort where Kate has been invited to teach yoga. It’s a big deal for Kate’s relationship and her decision to “let go” a bit more in her very controlling work patterns. Things don’t start off well at all. On the first day Kate’s very sensitive dog is triggered by an unleashed dog, She is bickering with Michael incessantly, her friend Rene shows up with her husband and their is a dead body in the resorts Spa!

Since Kate was involved in an argument with the victim the day before the murder she is considered a suspect and so she is motivated to discover the killer.

Tracy does a great job setting up the plot points  in this story but I felt that some of the story elements were very predictable. The relationship between Kate and Michael is not overly romantic. In fact the two don’t seem very compatible and their is little romance due to all Kate's attention being focused on the murder. I still have a lot of issues with Kate. I find she makes questionable choices in this novel and lacks a lot of Zen for a yoga teacher. I’m guessing the author was trying to show personal growth on Kate’s behalf but I once again found her a little annoying compared to the other characters.

This was a highly readable story and I was very interested in seeing how things turned out.