Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Sisters by Raina Telgemeier



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I received a complimentary download of this book in exchange for a review


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I was so excited to get this graphic novel! I had read and loved Drama by Raina and though I hadn't read Smile I was pretty confident I could follow along with this graphic novel. I quickly became acquainted with the characters and situations but unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book very much. Like the title states this is the story of Raina and Amara. Raina has always wanted a little sister and she has built a fantasy around how her life would be when she has one. Amara is nothing like she expected. She cries a lot and as she enters her toddler years she is very cranky and demanding and prefers spending her time alone.

The reader is given all of this information through a series of flashbacks as the Sisters go on a cross country road trip with their little brother. I have an older sibling so I know how emotions can run high between sisters but Amara’s anger outbursts, jealously towards Raina and hatred towards Raina’s ability to tune out the world with her walkman, mad me think this character had serious emotional issues. Its extremely grating and made it hard for me to feel any sympathy for the character.

There is also a subplot about the girls parents possibly getting divorced that is never fully explored. Even though the girls have some semblance of a positive relationship at the end, but there are so any dangling story threads I felt unsatisfied with a lot of the story.



This is my 31st book for Coyer Summer Vacation


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review: Bird & Squirrel On ICE by James Burks






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I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.




I requested this book because of the adorable characters on the cover. While researching the author I found James has worked as an artist in animation for Disney Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. That explains the almost instant affinity the readers will have with the characters. Bird and Squirrel crash land in the South Pole and they are rescued by a fierce fighting bird named Sakari. Sakari’s village spends a great deal of time collecting food to feed a huge Killer Whale. When Sakari see’s Bird she thinks he is the chosen one, the rescuer of her village.


Bird quickly takes to the adoration and numerous feasts that come with the chosen one title. Squirrel is a lot more suspicious and discovers that Bird is more of a sacrifice than a savior. This is a pretty quick, enjoyable read. Its perfect for young readers of as a family read along. The art is stellar and the action moves at just the right pace. Though there are other books in this series, On Ice is a great stand alone read.



This is my 30th book for Coyer Summer Vacation



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fangirl Summer Spotlight: Bring Horror Home With Funko POP

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If You follow me on Twitter you will know that I talk a lot about Horror and Funko.

I love Pop’s! They are wonderfully detailed and allow you to bring a piece of your favorite obsessions home, in the car and sometimes even in your arms! Especially the cuddly flocked ones. But one  branch of the Funko tree that has stolen my heart is the Horror Figures:

My Personal Collection:


thCAH04Y8U  thCA3VA7CP


On My Wishlist:
FU3361  FU3363

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Horror Minis Wishlist:

SDCC 14 Wishlist:

This is just a sampling of the wonderful Horror Pops that Funko is producing! Visit Funko's Website for more info!