Friday, June 26, 2015

Coyer Readathons: Red White & Blue Readathon

Time for the First Coyer Readathon! The rules for this one are simple:
Read a book with Read, White & Blue on the cover or the words red, white or blue in the title.
Here are the books I hope to read:
Blue Cover
A long Fatal Love Chase- Also a Coyer Scavenger Hunt book
Island of the Blue Dolphins- Also a Coyer scavenger Hunt Book
 Red Cover
Dark Screams Volume 4- Also a Coyer Scavenger Hunt Book
Word Red
Red Sonja Volume 2 -Also a Coyer Scavenger Hunt Book
It's not to late to join in! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Anniversary Her Universe

Today is the 5th Anniversary of Her Universe !! I cant believe it's been that long! As a vintage Star wars fan I had become used to raiding the men's and boys section of stores trying to find a Star Wars shirt that wasn't too long ,boxy or too big. I never dreamed that one day I would find a line of shirts that fit not only myself, but fangirls of all shapes and sizes.
From the beginning Ashley has taken the voice of her customers to heart. From the design of dresses to the cuts of T-shirts there is truly an item for every shape of fangirl. Today Ashley is also giving back to her customers by including a special purple envelope with the first 500 orders placed today. The envelope contains a gift card in the amount of $5 to $500 dollars! 

Her Universe is also releasing some product from their early years and offering discounts on shirts like this one that I ordered today:

What I love about Her Universe is how comfortable I feel in the clothes. Two years ago I had some difficult times that lead to me putting on some weight. For a long time Her Universe clothes were the only casual clothes I felt good in. Feeling comfortable with yourself is an energy that radiates out into all facets of your life. It's no coincidence that on the days I wore Her Universe were always filled with compliments and great geeky conversations I am so happy that Her Universe is a part of my and many other fangirls world!

Here are some of my favorite shirts I've collected over the years:
My very first Her Universe shirt:

The Stack!! All of my Her Universe items for Now at least ;) 

Thanks for all you do Ashley ! Here's to the next 5 years!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Share 49

Happy Sunday!
Happy Father's Day ! Happy Summer Solstice!
today is the day when we all start thinking about summer pursuits.  For me that 's focusing on my summer reading, planning my movie and binge watching and preparing for San Diego Comic-Con.

What I'm Watching
I'm in love with this show! Such a great cast and interesting scientific theories, throw in a bit of the chemistry like the cast of Buffy and you have a fun ride.

Reading Life
  I completed my goal of finishing all my unread physical books! And promptly started buying books again :) :)

But within reason! I now have only 9 unread physical books .



So how was your Sunday? Share!